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TypeKit rocks !

A quick one …

To say that TypeKit is the one widget you want to use on your publishing platform of choice.

It’s available on and if you have access to the source of your website, it’s a stupid javascript file to link to.

That’s why there’s now beautiful typography

On my website. The main content font is Gesta and the title font is Chippewa Falls. Currently, I use the free plan, limited to a small subset of the fonts and I can only use a couple of fonts. But browsing typekit, I feel like a fanboy in an Apple store, so I might upgrade at some point.

Makes me want to …

… tweak the current theme. Not too happy with it. Considering moving out of altogether to github pages, and do my own — or to a custom install of Zotonic.

Also, MarsEdit 3

Faithful user of the version 2 since it shipped, I am typing this word (and this one too) with MarsEdit 3. Seems fine, but … Editing my own HTML is something I actually enjoy especially with the TextMate integration and Zen HTML plugin. Better than any WYSIWIG tool, actually.

Ain’t he cute ?

MediaSacha embedding test … is a success.