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Validating Atom entries as PubSub payloads in ejabberd

Small bit of code to validate Atom when in xmlelement tuples.

Written for the pubsub component of ejabberd, integration to follow shortly.

Not perfect yet, but should still be useful. Patches appreciated.

Find it on github !

Should have full EUnit coverage too.


Atompub interface for distributed microblogging over XMPP

atompubsub has been updated and simplified and renamed to atommicroblog. Some might argue that it’s useful now.

The scope of the plugin is reduced to one node : the “urn:xmpp:microblog” node of the upcoming Microblogging over XMPP XEP.

Also improved : removed dependency on Yaws and implemented caching like they want it.

The code is on the ejabberd_modules svn.

For full context, these mails tell about production use.

Once this patch is implemented, it’s going to be even better. I will move entry payload processing into a nodemacroblog. And maybe I’ll find a more generic interface for atommicroblog.erl.

To the broader subject of distributed microblogging over XMPP, you might want to read Jack Moffit’s blog post. Follow the links !

PS : Yup, very pompous title.

[Updated 2] Atom-PubSub module for ejabberd

As requested, the Atom PubSub bridge

This module offersr an AtomPub interface to ejabberd PubSub data. Currently in two unfinished flavors, one for use with yaws embedded. One for use with ejabberd_http server


You need to have Yaws available. It will start in embedded mode, with the mod_yaws module (included).
To build, edit the Makefile to match your erlang install and make Put the resulting beams in some place where ejabberd will find them.

Also you’ll need to set the BASEURL macro in atom_pubsub.erl to your webserver hostname.

You’ll also need to add the module to your ejabberd.cfg in the mmodules section:

{mod_yaws,[{logdir, "/tmp/"},
    {servers, [
    {"localhost", 5224, "/opt/var/yaws/www", [
     {dir_listing, true},
     {appmods, {"/atom",     atom_pubsub}}

What you get

The AtomPub interface passes the Atom Protocol Exerciser (though some warnings remain).

It means that any AtomPub clients will be able to post to a specific node in your PubSub tree.

It also means that your PubSub tree will also be available as an AtomFeed.

Of course, each time an item is posted through AtomPub or PubSub on a node you are subscribed to, you’ll get the notification.

Can I have it with OpenFire and Epeios ?

That’s not possible. At some point, there’s no way around hitting directly the PubSub mnesia tables. So you can’t extract the code as a component.

Moreover, it only works with PubSub nodes derived from the default node type. (because of the mnesia tables stuff)

What’s next ?

I’ll update the code soon.
A few of things I’d like to implement :

  • remove all calls to mnesia and work through mod_pubsub API.
  • add HEAD, etag and slug support (that’s a patch for ejabberd though)
  • remove that baseurl horrible macro
  • add node subscription through REST
  • as soon as ejabberd 2.1 is published remove dependency from yaws
  • add binary collections support

Mickaël Rémond from Process-One kindly offered to host atom-pubsub on the ejabberd_modules svn.

svn co

There’s a quick port to the ejabberd_http server at this location :
You need to be running ejabberd 2.1 or current trunk to have it work.

svn co

Check out the README for installation.

Shoot your questions in the comment or via email (anything on this weblog domain goes to my inbox)