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Eric Cestari, with head roughly shaved, looking half mysterious, half amused.

Eric Cestari, with head roughly shaved, looking half mysterious, half amused.

Hi and welcome on my blog.

The name’s Eric Cestari and I am thirty-something.

I usually go by the cstar (or c* where possible) handle.

What’s this blog about ?

It’s mainly geeky and technical stuff about web and XMPP development.

My favorite programming languages are erlang and ruby, though I am somewhat fluent in Java and PHP.

I usually work on the excellent XMPP server ejabberd, and recently most of my posts have evolved around it and the XMPP standard.

HTTP also never stops amazing me, as I always discover new things.

Cloud services also interests me a lot, so expect a few posts on Amazon Web Services.

Also I tend to be that Apple fanboy since 1984 and my parents’ Apple //c

I see posts in French !

Yes, that’s because I am Français. I started blogging in French – until I decided to fully immerse myself and this blog in the global village (thus using English).

Still once in a while, I’ll post in French – if you don’t speak the language, just skip it. The next one will be in English.

During the day

I work for Ohm Force, the company I cofounded with friends a while back in 2000.
We do the best audio plugins. (that’s what our clients say)

But don’t be mistaken, I am no musician, just the geek-in-charge over there. I do sysadmin stuff, backend code for the website and the occasional support.

Projects I maintain or participate in

OpenSource software helps me everyday running the business, so I try to contribute. I don’t care too much about licensing, so it’ll usually BSD-style by default or GPL if necessary.

I wrote a few patches for ejabberd.

The opensource projects I work on are hosted on github.

The rest

I have a son, Martin, a cat, Boulette and live in Montreuil with my Very Significant Other, Hélène.

Getting in touch

I use twitter.

You can also reach me via email or XMPP :


Beware, it looks clickable to fool the spambots.

I have a profile on linkedin and on viadeo (fr).

Content on this website is

Creative Commons License


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