Small update

Since the migration to wordpress, nothing new published. Maybe the biggest hiatus since I started blogging.

In a nutshell :

Stopped smoking

114 days since last smoke. Feeling good about it. Saved around 500€.

Got the new Toyota Prius

If you’re looking for a comfortable, silent, geeky (but with a family) car, that’s the one. Fuel economy is the same as ye ole’ Twingo but with twice the horsepower and twice the number of doors. And no manual shifting.

Getting prepped for the new baby

The boy (yes, another boy) is expected within a month.


Cute and funny: check
Speech: check
iPhone skills: check
Scribblenauts skills: check

Work related stuff

Now playing with Drupal. Very interesting, and making good use of PHP.
I do quite lot a Javascript.
It’s the most important language nowadays. And it should be learnt as soon as possible.

Protip : use and peruse Douglas Crockford’s Javascript: the Good Parts

The French version is also available.

Still have quite a lot of erlang to write, and it’s still very enjoyable.


I will “review” the Prius (in French) someday.


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