mod_couch : embedding ecouch client for CouchDB in ejabberd

Quick and dirty :

  • checkout, compile and copy the ecouch directory somewhere erlang will find it. Mine is /usr/local/lib/erlang/lib

  • download this, compile, copy the beam file in the ejabberd ebin directory.

  • in ejabberd.cfg :

{modules, [
  {mod_couch,     [{server,{"", "5984"}}]},
  • restart ejabberd

  • You now have access to your CouchDB server within ejabberd.


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  1. laurent on

    Yo ! I like when you speak quick and dirty like that !

  2. Mickaël Rémond on

    Nice. You can commit it in ejabberd-modules if you want.
    Next step is to support read/write through disco 🙂
    I might have a look when I find some time.

  3. Saimon Moore on

    Could you provide usage examples?

  4. cstar on

    @mickael : did not think of it. But that’s a pretty neat idea
    @Saimon : basically once is configured, you use the ecouch module. Documentation for this module is

    And I am adding a link to the ecouch project 🙂 Guess I was too quick and too dirty, Laurent

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