Atompub interface for distributed microblogging over XMPP

atompubsub has been updated and simplified and renamed to atommicroblog. Some might argue that it’s useful now.

The scope of the plugin is reduced to one node : the “urn:xmpp:microblog” node of the upcoming Microblogging over XMPP XEP.

Also improved : removed dependency on Yaws and implemented caching like they want it.

The code is on the ejabberd_modules svn.

For full context, these mails tell about production use.

Once this patch is implemented, it’s going to be even better. I will move entry payload processing into a nodemacroblog. And maybe I’ll find a more generic interface for atommicroblog.erl.

To the broader subject of distributed microblogging over XMPP, you might want to read Jack Moffit’s blog post. Follow the links !

PS : Yup, very pompous title.

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